kim brooks

- designer -



Hi, my name is Kim Brooks. I am a UX/UI Designer & Graphic Designer

My life has always involved at least a little creativity; in one hand, there is the artisic side, from pencil drawing and doodling in my sketch book, to being crafty on Sundays or building things with my dad in his shop. In the other hand, in my working career, I have worked with computers, many software programs, copious amounts of data, business communications, and held a multitude of various business roles. It wasn't until I realized that these were both my passion and that I should follow a career with these two mixed together. Building things and making things pretty from a computer appeared rather fascinating to me.

And now after completing a certificate and a diploam in Graphic/Front-end Design and 14+ years working as a business professional, I'm ready to get out there and work my ass off! I'm really excited to be expanding my tech industry career and can't wait to see where this road leads me. I've had some ideas growing that could have great potential, now its time to get them out!

Navigate through my site, check out my portfolio, shoot me an email, even just to say Hi! Thank you for your support, and your time spent visiting!

~ Kim