Internal staff at the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) require two data-organizing software programs to be more time efficient and cost effective in their department. 
Microsoft Access Software Design for the BCUC Finance Department
The Finance Department at The BCUC required an internal software program to centralize and digitize their manual processes. Several department documents and processes needed to be streamlined and then made available online to the entire department. Many processes overlapped common data and created a complex site map that had to be organized. Having a position within the Finance Department for several years already, I knew the documents and processes like the back of my hand. I was given the lead role to manage the project and to be the POC with the contractors who developed the programs. 
To begin, I gathered all of the department data from the last 10 years, filled in most of the blanks, and created categories to organize it all. Once the data was recorded and organized, I created a site map to which the program would be later developed on. We worked with MicroServe, a software development company, to help the Finance Department create the program. Between myself and Microserve, we had many meetings (in person and online), several reiterations, many changes to the original processes to accommodate digital function, and finally migration of data. 
This project is currently being revamped. Screenshots soon to come. 
SharePoint Software Design for the Performance, Monitoring, Conduct and Compliance (PMCC) Department 
The PMCC Department required a centralized, internal program to simplify several processes that were normally done manually. The target audience was the staff of the department with the secondary audience being the remaining departments of the BCUC as the program had potential to join other departments to it.  
A Microsoft SharePoint platform was chosen where customization would allow the main component of the program to organize reports; make them easier to track at each level of progress as well as identify which employee was in possession of said reports. Other features of the program included extensive data and document cloud storage, calendar views, several list functions and filters, employee profile pages, internal intranet messaging and commenting on tasks and files.  
The PMCC Department first interviewed several qualified contractors to develop the software. Once selected, I, as the Project Lead, educated the contractor of the current and manual department processes, and explained how we'd like them to become digital in one all-encompassing software. The PMCC department was fairly new at the time and so many of the processes were still being ironed out, therefore, several design and development iterations of a number of processes were worked through. Together with the developer, we created the information architecture and began development of the custom SharePoint software. 
This project is currently being revamped. Screenshots soon to come. ​​​​​​​

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