Hi! My name is Kim and I love my career!

I am a Vancouver-based User Experience Designer and I feel like I've been destined towards this kind of role my whole life. I've had a busy mind as far back as I can remember and with that, I've always tried to find solutions to things that may not work so well in the day-to-day routine. I'm constantly thinking of a way to fix something or make something look better in design. Be it the best furniture configuration for my living room or handcrafting wedding invitations, to thinking of better solutions for websites, apps & software. 
Mix that with the 15 years of experience I have working in business and 4+ years of educational & work experience in digital design, and you get someone who can create logical, empathetic, streamlined and visually appealing products for shareholders looking to simplify daily tasks and processes.

I enjoy working creatively with data, empathizing with target audiences, wireframing / prototyping layouts and deciphering best design strategies from solid research. The outcome of these practices is a product that clients can use easily, thus saving the shareholders time and money, and unnecessary elongated processes.
In my spare time, you'll either find me at home connected to my MacBook, crafting/building something, renovating my home, at an Escape Room with my husband, playing Pitch and Putt at Stanley Park, or enjoying a craft beer with friends! :)